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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  June 26, 2010 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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vice president, this morning dick cheney is waking up in a d.c. hospital. plus a live look at the oil still spewing in the gulf of mexico. why some are worried that mother nature is brewing a threat that could make the disaster even worse. good morning, everyone, welcome to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. kimberly is off on this saturday, june 26, 2010. the news is just ahead. first a quick check on our forecast. meteorologist chuck bell is here with us now with all those details. >> good morning to you. good saturday morning tomb. the weekend finally here. we waited all week for it. we sweated out for it. unfortunately mother nature planning to keep the heat furnace going through the rest of the weekend. temperature is already up to 81 degrees at of national airport as you look live over washington there. plenty of haze in the atmosphere as well. a code orange air quality day today. uv index in the very high range. sun block a must and extra shade and water breaks also a must. temperatures already in the high 70s and low 80s across the area. the three hs of summer, hot,
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hazy and humid in abundance today. temperatures in the low to mid-90s for highs today and if you are making the drive up to camden yard the nationals are in baltimore playing ball this afternoon first pitch at 4:05 this afternoon. 94 degrees at first pitch time. be ready for a hot day in the great outdoors. >> thank you, chuck. right now former vice president dick cheney is in the hospital. mr. cheney was admitted to george washington university hospital yesterday afternoon after he went to see his doctor about some quote discomfort. on his doctor's advice and they say out of an abundance of caution he was admitted for more testing. the 69-year-old has had five heart attacks, the last a mild one in february. he's also undergone bypass surgery and two angio blasties. he has a pace maker and was treated in 2008 with electric shock to restore normal heart rhythm. he's expected to remain in the hospital over the weekend. a teenager in serious condition after an early morning
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house fire in prince george's county that also injured a firefighter. right now investigators are trying to figure out how it started. derrick ward joins us now live from the scene with the latest. what do we know? >> reporter: take a look behind me this is the remnants of the house. the house recently renovated. family just moved in. and, you know, folks in this block's family are used to fires because this isn't the first time. it's not even the second time that there's bean fire like this in this block. about 4:50 this morning when a call went out for this house. a 17-year-old male suffered substantial burns to his upper body. he's suffering from serious burn injuries and smoke inhalation and a firefighter suffered minor burn injuries. he was treated and leased. no word on the cause of this fire. folks who live here say last weekend up the block there was a fire in the house that was not occupied. the homeowner was away.
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several weeks ago down the block another fire. this is the first time there's injuries here. nobody is making a solid connection between these fires but folks say it is a bit unsettling. this is a short block and to have five fires in two months is definitely troubling. the investigation continues into the cause of this fire. we're live in seat pleasant now back to you. derrick ward, thank you. this morning police are searching for two teenagers who disappeared from their home in fairfax county. 16-year-old tiffany ghani and 15-year-old tram hoan went missing last friday night. they were last seen at their parents' apartment in the 1600 block of international drive in the tysons corner area. the family say the girls must have left the apartment about 10:00 p.m. they haven't been seen or heard from since. police say if you have any information give them a call immediately. an anger management
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counselor from virginia needs some anger management. 57-year-old man assaulted two deputy marshals with a gun. he honked his horn at the deputy marshals while working and point ad loaded gun at them. he's a former priest and will have to undergo anger management as part of his sentence. a setback in the revival of the d.c. street car. the main issue is whether to allow overhead wires to power the cars in some sections of the city. that word from "the washington post" this morning. yesterday the chairman of the national capital planning commission asked that $25 million in federal funding be withheld until an agreement on the wires could be made. there's a law from 1889 that requires there be no overhead wires in sections of the city. the d.c. council has proposed using the overhead wires along the first sections of the new system along h street and
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benning road northeast. now to the disaster in the gulf. here's a live look at bp's camera on the sea floor. oil is still spilling out this morning. an estimated 90 million gallons are now in the gulf. this morning, crews cleaning up the disaster are breathing a collective sigh of relief. overnight tropical storm alex formed. it's the first named storm of the hurricane season, but it's projected to steer clear of the spill site. meteorologist chuck bell joins us now from storm center 4 with a look at tropical storm alex. where is he and where is he going? >> alex is in the far southern and western parts of the caribbean sea. getting ready to make landfall on the yucatan peninsula and re-emerge into the extreme southern part of the gulf of mexico. there you can see i got it circled in yellow not a particularly well define storm at this point in time. as i put it in motion you get a sense of the cluster of thunderstorms around the center of circulation. maximum sustained winds are at
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40 miles per hour. it's a minimum tropical storm at this point in time moving off to the west and just slightly to the north and west at about 7 or 8 miles per hour, plotting position if you're keeping track 16.9 north and 84.9 to the west. i'll give you the track here from the national hurricane center. this is the official forecast now. the storm is still a little more than 1,000 miles to the southeast of brownsville, texas and over the next couple of days by 2:00 tomorrow there you can see it moving right over the center of the up. by 2:00 a.m. monday re-emerging into the southern parts of mexico. the gradual trend on this should continue to bring the storm further off to the west. a long ways away from the spill site which is definitely welcomed news. we'll keep you post opened that. for now it looks like most of the storm and most of this threat will miss the northern part of the gulf of mexico and head into far deeper southern texas or more likely even the northern coast of mexico, way over there on the western side
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of the gulf of mexico. so that is very welcomed news. still forecast to be an above average hurricane season, so this will be the first of what i suspect will be several storms we'll have to contend with in the gulf of mexico. happening today, president obama is in toronto this morning for the g-20 summit. he left for canada yesterday to attend a short meeting of the g-8 right outside of toronto. world leaders are meeting this weekend to discuss global economics and the state of their own recoveries from the worldwide recession. security at that meeting is extremely tight. canada spent almost a billion dollars on security for the summit. protests have been peaceful with only one arrest but police say they expect some protests may become violent this weekend. the u.s. world cup soccer team takes on began j. first game of the knockout round so it's once again a win or go home scenario for the u.s. the americans made their way to
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today's game in a thrilling win over nigeria on wednesday. in the last world cup the u.s. was knocked out in the group stage by january in the final game. you can watch today's match at 2:30 p.m. the time is now 9:08. think twice before you pour that buffalo cereal this morning. there's a good chance that your breakfast is on the recall list. the problem that could make you sick. plus you can start feeding d.c. parking meters. new rules kicked in overnight. the new iphone is flying off store shelves but some customers are complaining about bad reception. wait until you hear what apple is telling them to do to fix the problem.
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hundreds of people lined up at apple stores across the country trying to get their
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hands on the new iphone. the company sold 1.5 million on the first day of the market. some new owners are not happy what they got for their money. mike taibbi reports. >> reporter: they are still lining up waiting to spend as much as $300 in a still struggling economy to buy the latest iphone. >> yeah. i'm a big apple fan. pretty much had every product. >> reporter: sales aren't slowing even though the blog world is filling up with complaints. some about discoloration on the screen but mostly about the iphone's problems as a phone. a youtube video shows the phone losing service if it's gripped a center way on the external antenna. the site has received bundles of similar complaints. >> i was told to apple it will be better reception but at the end, whenever you touch it the connection drops.
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>> reporter: one disappointing buyer said it's a great phone when you leave it on table when you pick it up it's a paper weight. steve jobs wrob don't hold it that way. apple added gripping any phone will interrup the antenna performance. a worst problem you're saying. >> yes. absolutely right. >> reporter: is it fixable? despite those complaints there's not like there's a whole chorus of apple fans saying never mind or i'll wait until they work the bugs out. jeffrey knows about the bugs. >> i'm not completely, you know, disappointed at all. i'm still succeed about it. >> reporter: one solution apple suggest, a plastic bumper awail valuable for $29. mike taibbi, nbc news, new york. a heads up before you pour are morning cereal. kellogg's is recalling 28 million box because it could
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make people sick. i want includes apple jacks, corn pops, froot loops and honey smacks. kellogg's says the lining of the boxes is giving the cereal a waxy odor and flavor. five people reported being sick after eating the cereal. froot loops a problem for you? >> i can't believe that toucan sam would do this to me now. i'm sure it's not his fault. >> i'm a special k man. outside on a saturday morning, man oh, man is it hot and sticky outside. there is some relief ahead but you're going to have to be patient. details are next. ♪
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administered independently. our claims line is open 24 hours a day. i volunteered for this assignment because this is my home. i'll be here in the gulf as long as it takes to make this right.
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drivers who park in the district can now feed parking meters legally. beginning last night the d.c.
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department of transportation lifted the evening time limit restrictions at parking meters. drivers can park as long as they like after 6:00. however they will still have to feed the meters in high demand areas until 10:30. >> read your signs. >> read them carefully. >> there ought to be a college level course when you move to the district. here's how to read the signs. it can be a little confusing out there. i have to have a budget item. even though i can park in my garage, the rare times i have to park on the street -- p.o.w. >> sometimes there are two signs. they don't work together pup got read them carefully. >> 4:01, the $100 rush hour violation. let's talk about something that people can really complain about, more than the d.c. parking regulations, you'll complain about the weekend forecast. it will be almost unusually hot and sticky outside. today will be the better of the two outdoor weather days because
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it will be only 96 degrees today. tomorrow may be even warmer once again. right now as you get your saturday morning started, we stand at 81 degrees as of 9:00 in the morning down at national airport. the last 16 days in a row have all been warmer than average. today will make 17. we'll be warmer than average all the way through tomorrow, monday maybe even into tuesday as well. so all above average for about the last two solid weeks. june is now plus 6.1 degrees, making at any time warmest june on record. and we're going to don't add to that record as today and tomorrow are going to be blazing hot. 81 degrees at national airport, 83 in down at st. mary's county. 78 degrees in quantico, virginia. no rain around our area. a couple of dying showers off the outer banks of north carolina. there are some thunderstorms across far northern indiana and northern parts of ohio, a little cluster which may try and
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trigger off an isolated shower or two up in the mountains of west virginia today. they also have a little thunderstorm chances right up alongside the bay, a little bay breeze interaction. most of us will be dry for today and for tomorrow, only the slightest little chance both days you'll get some cooling rain showers. dew point temperatures getting back up close to that miserable 70 degree mark sob ready for intense levels of humidity for today and for tomorrow as well. high pressure settling on in, this little area of high pressure slowly works its way off the coastline. it will open up the floodgates for that southwesterly wind and this is not the time of year you want the wind coming out of the carolinas and georgia because it's going to get the easty warm around here, back up to near 100 degrees again, coming up tomorrow. we made 100 on thursday. our warmest day in the last three years. tomorrow i don't think we're going to make it to 100. we'll be within a whisper. for today no more than one or two isolated storms. for tomorrow a slightly better
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chance of picking up a stray thunderstorm or two. no organized rain chance. today hot and humid. temperatures up into the 90s. going out to the chesapeake bay about 90 degrees today. bay water temperature now up to about 80 degrees. only the slightest chance for a shower. if you're headed out to the beaches a 20% or less chance you'll need to break out the umbrella for the rain shower chances. highs in the low 80s today to near 90 tomorrow. there's our 4-day forecast. 95 today, 98 tomorrow, 96 on monday before the thunderstorms roll on in here, finally bringing in some cooler weather as we head towards tuesday, wednesday time frame. by the middle of next week we'll have high temperatures, i suspect cooler than average. >> we'll wait for that. all right, thanks. have you ever noticed that some foods seem to taste so good you just can't have enough? that's no accident. it's often by design. but maybe knowing what america's big food companies know about you can help you be well and healthy.
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i had is a myers complains in this morning's news for your health. >> reporter: long before you crunch a chip, take a bite of chicken, or smell those french fries, scientists such as these already have. >> you want to talk about the flavor? >> reporter: putting food products through extensive testing before they hit the market. if certain foods seem irresistible and you keep eating even when you're not hungry it may not be all your fault. experts say billions of dollars are spent every year to engineer foods. layering them with ingredients that companies know consumers love. >> fat and sugar, fat and salt, fat, sugar and salt stimulate us to eat more and more. >> reporter: dr. kessler now is taking on big food companies. >> the way they design food, constructed food is literally hijacking the brains of millions of americans.
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>> reporter: causing those americans to overeat. >> yes. >> reporter: some food is constructed so it takes fewer chews and goes down faster. that healthy looking chicken breast. it may be injected with sugars and oils. why would anyone inject something into a chicken breast? >> to get you to eat more and more. >> reporter: but increasingly the food industry driven by fear of government regulation and consumer demand is making some effort to produce healthier products. >> they are much more in touch with the end user. >> reporter: gail's company does testing for many big food companies. >> our clients are asking us to help them create products that are healthier and still taste good to the consumer. >> reporter: in fact, 16 major food and beverage companies have pledged to reduce the total calories they offer by 1.5 trillion by the year 2015.
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but one company, cargill raised a few eyebrows with its campaign touting the virtue of salt. you might be surprised by what foods are enhanced by it's briny kiss. >> reporter: suggesting sprinkling salt on fruit, cookies and ice cream. >> it was very poor timing on the part of cargill. >> reporter: a spokesman said it was not intended to get people to add salt to their diet but to get them to understand how it can be used properly. le battle of the beltway makes its way to the baltimore and f street turns into wall street. hakem dermish has your sport minute. >> reporter: good morning everyone your "sports minute" begins with baseball. nationals up the road in baltimore last night. the first game. weekend series. bottom 3. cory patterson crushes one deep to center.
9:25 am
check mourt began. tracking it. climbs the run. robs paterson of the home run. one of the best. catches you'll see all season long. then the bottom of the ninth with the game tied at 9-9. a bad throw to first. oh, no. ball gets away. good news for orioles bad news for the nat fans. the orioles win it 7-6. in tampa bay, jackson throws a no-hitter against the rays. jackson blanked tampa 1-0 despite 149 pitches. jackson struck out six batters. it was the fourth no-hitter this season. it was john wall day. f street turned into wall street. fans lined the streets to get a look at the wizards number one pick. the 6'4" point guard was the player the year in kentucky. the wizards also made a tribute video to wall which made various attempts at his famous dance.
9:26 am
including vech -- ovechkin. at the world cup u.s. plays ghana at 2:30 in round 16. that's your "sports minute." i'm hakem dermish. >> 9:26. when "news4 today" continues, reinforcements headed towards the gulf at this hour. details on the massive ship being sent from virginia. and, d.c. police hunting down a killer as a teen's family and friends try to come to terms with his tragic death. we're gathering the latest on former vice president cheney's hospitalization overnight.
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former vice president cheney has another health scare, why he's in a d.c. hospital this morning. good morning, welcome to "news4 today", i'm aaron gilchrist. it is saturday, june 26, 2010. the news is just ahead. first a quick check on the forecast. meteorologist chuck intestinal here with us this morning. i was trying to get to the end of the week. >> don't blame you at all pap weekend best suited for the smithsonian. >> inside, air conditioning. >> ac no doubt about it. as you make your plans to get outside and enjoy your saturday and sunday, you need to be ready for intense summer heat and humidity across the area. there's a look you can almost see the washington monument there in downtown washington. under a very thick coat of haze. cold orange on the air quality today. uv index is at a nine. puts it in a very high range. spf 30 or higher for your sun
9:30 am
block as you make your plans to go outside. temperatures thine 70s and low 80s. plenty of steam bath levels of humidity coming in for today. tomorrow promises to be even warmer if you can believe that. today's high between 90 and 96 degrees. heading up to camden yards to watch the nationals take on the baltimore orioles up in baltimore, first pitch temperature right around 94 degrees and tomorrow will be even hotter and even more humid out ahead of a weather front which will promise to bring some thunderstorms. our best chance for thunderstorms up on monday. most of the weekend will be rain free. but it will be not free of humidity or heat. sob ready for it. take your shade breaks and drink extra water. >> we've been warned. >> right now former vice president dick cheney is in the hospital. he was admitted to george washington university hospital yesterday afternoon after he went to see his doctor about some quote diskfrtd. we go live to george washington university hospital with more
9:31 am
details. mike do, we know he was seeing a doctor yesterday? any idea what prompted doctors to want to do more tests? >> reporter: limited information. here's what we do know according to a cheney spokesman. yesterday he was not feeling well. he went to see his doctors. dick cheney, the former vice president maintains a residence here in the washington area. went to see his doctor here on the campus of george washington hospital in downtown washington. his doctors thought well at this point let's put him in the hospital and have him ad mitd and that's where dick cheney is. he's expected to be here again according to a spokesman throughout the weekend. no one has to be reminded of dick cheney's history with heart problems although we hasten to add we're not sure because we haven't been told what exactly has landed him here in the hospital. here's a man who had his his heart attack, first of five heart attacks at the age of 37 in 1978. he's had a bypass operation. he's had angioplasty. had a pace maker insperptd most
9:32 am
recent heart attack a mild one in february of this year. unfortunately for the former vice president, this is a familiar location for him. he frequently has been here at gw hospital because of the heart trouble that we've mentioned and other health challenges. bottom line, dick cheney in goerg wash hospital for the weekend for an undetermined ailment. doctors taking a very close look at him. >> mike, given his medical history what we know about that, i would imagine it wouldn't take much to prompt doctors to take a longer look at him. do we have any idea what he's been up to as of late, if he's been engaged in activity that might have, you know, complicated the problem that he's had? >> reporter: we don't know that for sure. of course the chenies have maintained their residence in mclean and other residence on the eastern shore. dick cheney has broken the mold as you're very well aware of former vice presidents not going quietly into that good night, bean major, an outspoken opponent of the president's
9:33 am
policies, particularly in afghanistan. you remember last fall when president obama was formulating his afghan policy through a series of meetings in the white house situation room dick cheney criticized him as dithering. that's not sit well with the white house. former vice president very vocal on the national security front. but we don't know exactly what he's been doing during the course of this week, whether there had been any vigorous physical exercise or any stressful situation for that matter. >> all right. mike, thanks. >> thank you. last night family and friends gathered for an emotional candlelight vigil to remember a teenager kanld violent shooting. 16-year-old jamaal bell was gunned down in northwest washington on june 18th. he had just left a gathering at a church social hall. darcy spencer was at the vigil where she spoke with bell's
9:34 am
family. >> reporter: at a candlelight vigil at the roosevelt high school football stadium there was raw emotion as dozens gathered to remember 16-year-old jamaal bell. he was shot to death last friday night. after leaving a graduation party held at a church in northwest d.c. ♪ >> reporter: he was a rising junior and football player at roosevelt. the coach broke down as he tried to read a poem about his star player. >> i think it's tragic it had to end this way, a young kid like that with such a promising future. >> reporter: bell's brother coached his little brother on the football field and in life. >> it feels like my whole world has shut down, my world has stopped. i take it day-by-day, minute by minute, and that's what i look to. i think of all the good times me and my brother had. i don't grieve him.
9:35 am
i just miss him. >> reporter: he asked that jamaal's many friends, classmates and teammates stay on the right path. >> make me a promise. that you all graduate from high school, something that he never had a chance to do. >> reporter: jamaal was murdered after he left a party on georgia avenue about 11:30 at night. some have described it as a go-go. police say an argument inside the party spilled out on to the street. two other teens were wounded. the coach had warned the players that day to avoid the dangers of go-go dances. >> jamaal didn't make that meeting. maybe if he made the meeting, maybe he would have heeded that warning. maybe we wouldn't be all right here. >> reporter: there was a heavy police presence at the vigil. bell's killer still hasn't been caught. the bleachers were filled with young people. their eyes filled with tears as they held up candles and remembered a teen whose life ended too soon. darcy spencer, "news4 today.
9:36 am
a cyclist was killed after an suv swerved off the road and hit him. this happened about 7:00 last night at the intersection of route 27 and morning star drive in montgomery county. 48-year-old stanton miller jr. of gaithersburg died a short time later at suburban hospital. he was thrown from his bike after being hit, the driver of the suv stayed on the scene. police say alcohol could be a factor in the accident. now to the disaster in the gulf. here is a live look at bp's camera on the sea floor. oil is still spilling out this morning. 90 million gallons estimated to have poured into the gulf. the newest weapon to help fight is a ship from virginia. called the a-whale and it's creators say it's the largest oil skimming ship in the world. >> reporter: the oil -- >> better the oil is in the
9:37 am
ship's tanks. >> reporter: the a-whale an original iron ore carrier was converted into the world's largest skimming oil tanker just a week ago. the idea came up after the deepwater explosion. >> because we understand time is of the essence. >> reporter: a whale in capacity is bigger than the fishing boats skimming near the coast. >> the maximum we can take in is 500,000 barrels. >> reporter: that one day total nearly matches the current resources have taken in two months. this company video shows how it was tested using fire foam. oily water would go into tanks, gravity would separate them. the oil gets siphoned to separate tanks and transferred to waiting oil tankers. >> we believe it will work. the question is what level of oil we can get in. >> reporter: the true test will
9:38 am
come in the gulf but there are hurdles. crews will need to discharge untreated but less oily water back into the ocean and that would violate epa regulations. traveling from norfolk to baton rogue the professor says his community is desperate for this ship to get a wavier. >> can't let discharge permits slow down. this is insanity. you take 90% contaminated water down to 1% or 2% and they are saying you can't discharge 1% or 2%. >> reporter: hopes are high that this skimmer will provide part of the answer to an unprecedented environmental disaster. >> we got to stop talking about doing things and start doing things. the oil is coming ashore in ever larger quantity, causing more devastation. that was kay young reporting. the a-whale is on to the gulf. the ship's owners are
9:39 am
negotiating with the coast guard. time is now 9:38. a warning authorities want you to hear about danger in an unsuspecting place, how to make sure your holiday doesn't turn into tragedy.
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if you're a michael jackson fan and want to continue your weekend of tribute to the king of pop head over to the 9:30 club. the who's bad band will be performing. for information and more ideas visit and click on what you're doing tonight. with the summer heat upon us and the fourth of july holiday approaching local agencies are renewing a warning about the dangers of underestimating the potomac river. during the last holiday weekend a mother and her 13-year-old daughter were swept away by the
9:43 am
strong current. they went to the river for a memorial day outing. the family members said the mother slipped into the daughri and the daughter tried to save her. the deputy superintendent of the c&o canal is gets out a message of not underestimating the power of the potomac. what prompted this series of warnings that you're engaged in right now? >> well, aaron, the river itself is very treacherous. has been and always will be. we're trying reduce the potential for our visitors to end up drowning in the river. we're working with montgomery county, fairfax county, united states park police, we have their support, working cooperatively we hope to get the word out that the river is very dangerous. >> as we look at some of the
9:44 am
video, you see the strength of that current there, this is not something to think oh, i couldn't get swept away in the river >> shats absolutely right. even if you're in there in ankle deepwater, if you happen to fall, stumble, get your foot entrapped. that's where it becomes hazardous. you can't fight that current. how are you trying to get this message out? you have a number of different things in place. >> we've got materials in three different languages that are out there. we're putting up new banners that we're rotating at the primary entry points. there's dvds that we put out. they are in vietnamese, english, spanish. and the last eight drownings we've had, they've all been non-english speaking victims, unfortunately. then it's necessary to put those different languages there to make sure you're getting the message out and people can understand and receive the message when they show up at the park or near the river, right? >> absolutely, aaron. the river is dangerous.
9:45 am
and getting the word out in as many different ways as we can. being here this morning we have a news conference coming up july 1st with montgomery county with the park police. we're trying to be get the word out as many different ways as we can. the river is so dangerous that you never know when it's going to claim a life, and with the upcoming fourth of july weekend we expect a lot of people to be in the area that haven't experienced the river before, might be coming in from out of town. the best thing to do is stay out of the water. it's a gorgeous resource, we want people to come out and enjoy it but by all means stay away from the water. >> for people who do decide to venture in, do you recommend floatation devices that people don't think about when they are going into something that's not a pool? >> well, the professionals that are out there providing guidance service, it's law to be in a pfd any time you're in the water.
9:46 am
we have a new effort starting up with our kayak groups. hundreds of people use the river ones about weekends like this and we're asking for volunteers to come out that are out on the water routinely. we have an organizational meeting on how form that group and keep that message out there. >> we're hoping people hear the message. we appreciate you coming in. >> let's go over to chuck bell. what do you have coming up in the forecast for us? >> nothing but hasn't humidity as you look outside on a saturday morning. plenty ever haze in the sky as well. temperatures have already cracked the 80 degree mark in many neighborhoods and a lot of spots before the day is through we'll be way up into the 90s. complete check of your weekend forecast is straight ahead.
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11 minutes now before the
9:50 am
top of the hour. 82 degrees before we get to 107k this saturday morning, chuck. >> ugly way to get a weekend started, i know. if you needed to do something outside that involves stre newous activity it may already be almost too late. yeah. you want to try to get those things before 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning. on these summer days it gets hot early in the day. the other day we made 100 degrees on thursday afternoon for an afternoon temperature. on thursday we were 91 degrees at 10:00 in the morning. so, yeah, it's too late to get outside and do anything really strenuous. many lawns turned to that brown due to the rain shortage. about the only thing you should do outside wash your car because at least then you got a cold hose of water somewhere close by. on your saturday morning, a happy start to your weekend, everybody. already up to 81 trees down at national airport. the dew point temperature that
9:51 am
measures moisture in the atmosphere and we hate this number to get anywhere near 70 degrees and already up to 67. our humidity 62%. temperatures 86 degrees already in frederick, maryland. 83 in leonardtown, maryland. 79 in annapolis. 81 in clinton, maryland this morning. 79 for manassas and leesburg 79 in falls church. temperatures will continue to climb up in the mid-90s by later on this afternoon. no rain out there just yet. only real opportunities for rain today maybe one or two kicked up in southern maryland and out across the high spots of the mountains of west virginia, maybe an isolated thunderstorm or two today but that's the key word. isolated at best. no widespread severe weather for day or tomorrow. individual thunderstorms may be able to produce gusty winds and small hail. nonetheless high pressure is in charge for now. we'll continue to bake over the next couple of days. we're keeping a close eye down here in the tropics, the western parts of the caribbean sea. here's cuba right here, miami,
9:52 am
florida. the deepwater horizon wreck up here in the northern gulf of mexico is a long way away from this storm pup can see here from the official forecast from the national hurricane center the storm going over the yucatan peninsula sometime late today and tomorrow. make an approach on far south texas or northern coast of mexico. should stay a long way away from the deepwater horizon wreck that they are trying to clean up. hot and humid for the next couple of days, up to 95 degrees for a high later on this afternoon. if you're make being your plans to get on your boat or your friend's boat, best friends to have, boats owned by soebls. temperatures up near 90 and low 90s's well. bay water temperature near 80 degrees. nice cooling splash. if you're headed out to ocean city, maryland, ocean water temperature 72 degrees. that will definitely cool you off in a hurry. but around here it's just hot, hot and hot for the next couple of days. our best chance for thunderstorms up on monday behind a weather front which
9:53 am
promises cooler weather. highs in the low to mid-80s through much of next week. >> we look forward to that. while the world cup is going on overseas, right here the top women in the world are playing in our own backyard. the washington freedom are in the midst of their season with a 4-2-3 record. abbey is a guiding force behind team. she's chosen as one of the captains for the women's pro soccer. she talked about growing up with soccer in her family. >> welcome to my favorite place, the >> your office? >> yes, it is. >> can i get a chicken burrito. >> some tomatoes, corn. a lot of cheese and guacamole.
9:54 am
>> i feel we should get chips. >> i want chips. >> two bags of chips. >> i don't need any salsa. i do. >> that's how i eat it. >> in the bowl. >> where i sit right here. so that's your system? >> yeah. to dip it. i kind of spread it out. tear the bag so easier access. >> i was reading that you got moved from the girls team to the boys team because you scored 27 goals in three games? is that true? >> it is true. my mom -- my dad said -- no my mom asked me after the third game why don't you pass it? i'm like why day have to pass it? the goal is to score.
9:55 am
that's what i want to do. if i can do it better than somebody else i'll do it. >> what would you say is your biggest accomplishment that you're most proud of? >> winning the gold medal. >> and playing in that? >> being a huge reason why i won the gold medal. but, i think what happened after i broke my leg and truly how i felt about it, you know, when you get caught in a situation like that you always wonder how you will react. i'm proud of the way i really reacted because it was true. it was honest. i believed that my team could still win in beijing and i believe that i would recover and come back. >> how devastating was it four at first? did you feel dev
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
he has an extensive history of heart attacks and now former vice president cheney has another health scare.
9:59 am
why he's in the hospital this morning. fire races through a house overnight leaving a teenager in serious condition and injuring a firefighter. why the fire department is no stranger to this neighborhood. good morning and welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. kimberly has the weekend off. it is saturday, june 26, 2010. the news is just ahead. first a quick check on our forecast with meteorologist chuck bell this morning. we're looking at temperatures already climbing into tertd we don't like to look at. >> not this early in the morning. temperatures are climbing very quickly, up in the 80s in many spots and a lot of locations later this afternoon will be way up in the 90s and tomorrow pronibs degree or two warmer than today. as you look outside live right now over downtown washington, you can just about make out the capitol dome in the middle of downtown d.c. hazy and almost gray skies hanging overhead. temperatures 83 now at national airport. 83 degrees out in fairfax county. 77 in beautiful martinsburg, west virginia. 79 in manassas.
10:00 am
82 at the naval cad minute annapolis. hot, hazy and humid. poor air quality again for today so if you have mass or other chronic heart or lung problems you may want to really avoid any strenuous activities for the remainder of the day. headed up to baltimore to watch the nationals play the orioles up there in camden yards, first pitch temperature 94 degrees. there will be a slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm today, also a very slight chance tomorrow. our next good chance for thunderstorms around here area wide will be coming up on monday and that will be the leading edge of dare i say it cooler air. >> we want to hear more about that. right now, former vice president dick cheney is in the hospital. he was admitted to george washington university hospital yesterday afternoon after he went to see his doctor about some quote discomfort. on his doctor's advice and they say out of an abundance of caution he was admitted for more testing, the 69-year-old has had five
10:01 am
heart attacks, his last a mild one in february. also undergone bypass surgery and two angela j an gegioplasti. >> a teenager in serious condition this morning after an early morning house fire in prince george's county that injured a firefighter. the flames broke out in the 6200 block of foot street in seat pleasant. investigators are trying to figure out how it started. derrick ward joins us now with the latest. ward this is what's left of this house that burned today, early this morning in the 6200 block of foot administrate. from the looks of things this house is a total loss. 17-year-old male suffered burns thois upper body and smoke inhalation. this fire was reported before 5:00 a.m. one firefighter suffered a minor burn injury. he was treated and leased.
10:02 am
the teen remains at the burn unit. there's been no determination of the cause of this fire but it's not the first fire in this block over an alarmingly short period of time. >> we've had quite a few fires around here over the years. >> reporter: now, just up the street from here there was a fire at a house that was vacant at the time, the home own was away. last month there was a fire at a house that was vacant just down the block here. now residents say this is a short block so it's kind of alarming to have three fires within a span of two months. however, authorities at this point are not making any connection between these fires and the cause of this one has yet to be determined. the damage is estimated to be at about $200,000. we're live at seat pleasant. back to you. this morning police are searching for two teenagers who disappeared far their home in fairfax county. take a look at your screen.
10:03 am
16-year-old tiffany ghani and 15-year-old tram hoan went missing last friday night. they were last seen at their parent's apartment in the 1600 block of international drive in tysons corner area. the parents said the girls threat apartment about 10:00 p.m. they haven't been seen or heard from since. police say if you have any information give them call. there's been a major development in the case of a man charged in the rape and murder of capitol hill intern chandra levy. the judge will allow the jury to hear about two other attacks. the man use ad knife on each attack but able to fight him off. prosecutors say levy was attacked in the same manner. the judge said he'll make his final ruling on july 16th. an american marine linked to an attempted abduction in arlington has now been charged in a separate attack on two young women in balanceston.
10:04 am
police arrested jorge torrez. that arrest came the same day police believe he followed two women home in balanceston, abducted one of them, raped her and left her for dead. he was in custody without bond this entire time for the previous case. he was stationed at henderson hall in forth myer. an anger management counselor has benseen sentencd a taste his own medicine. he pointed a loaded gun at the officer. he's a former priest and will have to undergo anger management as part of his sentence. clean up crews in the gulf are closely watching the first named storm of the hurricane season. here's a live look at the oil spill from the gulf from bp's cram on the sea floor. oil is still spilling out this
10:05 am
morning. the new concern is that tropical storm alex for now the storm is projected to steer clear of the spill site. crews are busy drilling two relief wells which should be done by sometime in august. the time is 10:05. the new iphone made its debut a couple of days ago but complaints are now coming in. >> plus stepping out in style. the hottest footwear for these hot summer months. ♪ what if one little pop
10:06 am
♪ could open a world of wonder ? ♪ ♪ so sensory ♪ so satisfying ♪ the discovery ♪ never seems to stop ♪ ♪ it's the magic friskies ♪ ♪ makes happen ♪ every day ♪ in so many ways ♪ friskies ♪ feed the senses
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with all the hot steamy weather these days you might be look for something cool and light to wear. we headed to simple lie shoes in georgetown for a peek at neutral colored footwear which is a big trend this summer. >> hi, i'm with simple lie soles. it started about six years ago in my dining room. i had a tape gun and an 800
10:09 am
number. from there to a showroom in columbia heights and now here in georgetown. here's shoes i want to wear when it's hot and steamy. this is a shoe called the sage. it's kind of an edgy espadrille. has the frayed edges. this was featured in "people" magazine, the style watch edition. jennifer aniston was wearing a pair very similar to this and they called out this particular shoe as a great alternative, lower priced option. here we have this great little flat. and this shoe is under $100. it's a great fun little run around shoe. i envision it with a summer sun dress, maybe you have some outdoor weddings to attend. >> simply soles is located at the shops at georgetown park at
10:10 am
3222 m street northwest. for more suggestion or see is a longer version of this story visit and search want this. you said you didn't like the shoe? was it too frilly or do you need more of a heel? >> i like it without any of that stuff. those are great women's shoes. >> they are lovely. >> what we need today -- >> back me up against wall, chuck. >> i'm here for you. no doubt about it. plenty of heat and humidity, aaron, for today and tomorrow. le detailed check of today's forecast and a look down in the gulf for tropical storm alex. all of that is coming up.
10:11 am
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10:13 am
on its first day on the market, apple sold a record 1.5 million iphones on thursday but not everybody is happy with it.
10:14 am
an external antenna surrounds the phone and some say it loses service. the solution don't hold the phone that way. steve jobs says grabbing the phone in the lower left-hand corner can weaken the antenna's performance. they suggest buying a plastic cover to protect the antenna. >> you have to do one of these numbers if you're on the phone. >> you're worried it wouldn't look mannelly enough. >> you want to make a phone call? >> you're falling apart at the seams over there. it's been an ugly strep of hot weather around here all week long and there's no real relief in sight for the next couple of days if you want to do something outside, it needs to be something cool or refreshing or near a body of water that you can get in if need be because it's going to be blazing hot outside. i'm optimistic that cooler weather is on the way by the
10:15 am
middle of the week and early lean on next weekend which is fourth of july i like our chances. not -- here's are a guarantee for your. it will not be 100 degrees on fourth of july. >> will you put money on it? >> i'll put $5. it won't be 100. this thursday was our first 100 degree day in three years. i like my chances it won't be 100 on the fourth. we may have temperatures back down cooler than average as we head into the middle of the week that's coming up. that will be welcomed news. on your saturday be ready for authenticate and humidity. 83 now at national airport. the dew point temperature 68 so the humidity now at 61%, only a little bit of a southeast breeze at six miles per hour. other neighborhood temperatures, frederick, maryland look at you, you're up to 88 degrees there. 82 up the road in hagerstown, martinsburg 77. winchester and front royals out towards plains, virginia low 80s. warren tennessee and opal low 80s.
10:16 am
manassas at 79 degrees. radar shows nothing on the radar for now. one or two lone some showers or thunderstorms west of the blue ridge and mountains of west virginia later on today or maybe down across southern maryland, a little hint of a bay breeze might kick off an isolated shower but 95% of us are going to be dry all the way through today and tomorrow as well. just widely scattered thunderstorms at most. temperatures in the mid-80s east of the mountains. cooler weather just back up to our north and west. that is not coming our way just yet. i think our cold front that promise to bring a change in the weather around here doesn't arrive until monday night into early tuesday morning. all eyes on tropics, this area of disturbed weather here in the western parts of the caribbean sea that's tropical storm alex, a minimal tropical storm with winds of only 40 miles per hour sustained winds and it's drifting very slowly up here to the northwest at only about seven miles per hour. the official forecast track here from the national hurricane center brings the storm over the
10:17 am
yucatan peninsula and then gradually re-emerging up to the southern parts of the gulf of mexico. by tuesday wednesday time frame it can be anywhere between houston, texas and all the way down here into the central part of the mexican coastline pap wide amount of uncertainty here. the deepwater horizon rig is way up here off the coast of new orleans so all indications is that this storm will stay far away from the clean up efforts in the gulf of mexico. welcomed news. high pressure in charge brings us an abundance of heat and humidity. tomorrow will be the worst it. today just hot and sticky outside. highs in the low 90s. slight chance for showers at the bay today and tomorrow as well. most of your outdoor activities will be dry. heading down to the beach, owing city, rehoboth good weather both days with slightest chance for a shower. our high temperatures should be back below 90 degrees beginning on tuesday after what promises to be a fairly stormy monday and all the way through next week as well. high temperatures in the low to
10:18 am
mid-80s and lows back down into the 60s. you can go to or the weather channel at >> you didn't warn me the heat would be the same as richmond. >> we're a long way from richmond. >> thanks a lot. ahead on "news4 today", the play that could be the top highlight of the national's season. morgan or peter parker?
10:19 am
10:20 am
10:21 am
the battle of the beltway heads to baltimore and it's a big day for team usa at the world cup. hakem dermish has your sports. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, a month ago national center fielder morgan threw his glove down after not making a play against the orioles. morgan thought a fly ball went over the fence.
10:22 am
he later admitted his actions were wrong. last night redemption. sort of. we take you back to what happened on may 22nd in washington. baltimore's adam jones at the plate sends a high ball. morgan tracking it. jones scored on an inside the park home run just a bad scene that day. now we go to the present day. last night baltimore's cory patterson at the plate, morgan in center-field, crushes one deep to center and then check it out. tracking it, climbs the wall. wow. robs patterson of a home run. simply glovely. take another look. one of the best catches you'll see all season long. maybe the best catch in morgan's career. and then when cory patterson sees him makes the catch, tips the hat yes, sir that was nice. martin thinking wow, oh, my goodness. at the plate morgan went four for five with an rbi.
10:23 am
bottom of the ninth game tied. grounds one to short. desmond throws to second to start the double play. oh, no, a throw to first not good. fox scores the game winning run. the orioles win it 7-6. a heartbreak are for the nats but what a come back for baltimore. in tampa bay, jackson throws a no-hitter against the rays. fourth no-hitter this season. yesterday was john wall day. event -- adrian fenty announcing that. the wizards rolled out the red carpet for the number one overall pick in the draft while thousands of adoring fans welcomed wall to town. if you're psyched about wall and the wizards, flip saunders told the junkies yesterday that the team would like to bring training camp to the district or the area. it's been in richmond for the past several years. f street turned into wall street yesterday.
10:24 am
thousands of fans got a glimpse of john wall. he was the player of the year in kentucky. quite a welcome for the 19-year-old including a walk down the carpet. the wizards made a tribute to wall which made various attempts at his famous dance. john wall said he's thankful for the rock star reception. it just shows you how much support they give me as a player. >> point guards are not made they are delivered from heaven and i believe he was delivered >> i can't wait to get out there and show everybody what i can do. my presence will be a learning experience. i'll have my ups and downs but i'll stay positive. i'll believe in myself through the who process. >> he's not a follower he's a leader. he's not going to follow people. he's going to lead people and i think that's important. he's a great role model for young kids to look at. >> i know you want to play basketball with president obama you want to try to get him on a game one on one. who wins if you guys play? >> me. i'm not going to cut him any slack. even though he's president, he
10:25 am
can play basketball. >> there you go, john wall take the president serious. pretty good. little bit of disappointing news. former adrian blatche broke his foot. expected to miss three months. nhl draft the capitals take 18-year-old russian center with the 26th overall pick. the caps still have five remaining picks, rounds two through seven are this weekend. at the world cup the united states is seeking revenge. they take on ghana today at 2:30 in round of 16 the same country who knocked the u.s. out of the world cup four years ago. this u.s. team has been wronged by several bad calls has captured the attention of the nation. 7 million people watched the u.s. edge out algeria. the united states waited until the last moment to score the goal. landon donovan scored on a rebound to give team usa a 1-0 win over algeria in extra time.
10:26 am
coach bob bradley is an unpredictable ghana team and with elimination again on the line, they have to be ready for anything. >> they will be a very difficult play to play against. they are clearly, their athleticism will be difficult to deal with. they will have quite a bit of support. like a lot of african teams they are fairly unpredictable which cab plus or a minus. >> when you get to the knockout phase, it's, again, the opportunity to see how far you can take it. and you can feel good about getting there but now you have to quickly put that behind you and focus on your next opponent. it's usa and ghana today at 2:30. that's your morning sports. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. talking about sports, there's a baseball game later today. >> nationals traveling all the way up to baltimore for a game today, the battle of the beltways and we know our beltway is better than baltimore's beltway.
10:27 am
>>it's baseball team. >> right. yeah. so nationals at baltimore today, hot and sticky, no doubt about it. you need to buy one of those 200 ounce diet cokes or iced teas. whatever the biggest thing is they have. 94 degrees at first pitch time. >> thanks at that lot, chuck. thank you for joining us. that's it for "news4 today." we're back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. until then we hope you have a great day.
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